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Cone Denim

Raleigh, NC Commercial Photography
Photographer: Shane Deruise

I had the great fortune to shoot the worlds largest and oldest producer of denim in the world Cone Denim for London’s very own Monocle Magazine.

Based out of Greensboro, NC Cone Denim White Oak has produced denim for Levi Strauss & Company, as well as served to supply the US Military in World War I. They still run their legendary Draper X3 shuttle looms. These mid-century narrow looms are the only ones still producing selvage denim on the western hemisphere today.

Below are some of the images that didn’t make the cut into the magazine, but still are some of my favorites. Many thanks to Delores and Stahle’ for showing me around, and to Pat Richardson, Donald Jenkins, Jerome Arnold, Mildred Bolen, Mike Roberson, Debbie Lindsey, and Dawn Whitted for letting a strange bearded man with a camera photograph them!

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